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Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information (specifically "ideas") on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. The site was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp and had 300 million monthly active users as of August 2019. It is operated by Pinterest, Inc., based in San Francisco.

Pinterest Sucks !

Whenever you image search almost anything you can be sure as hell that a Pinterest link is going to show up. You click on the image and it takes you to Pinterest. Shows you some of what you actually want, and then 100 images of things you don’t care about, but for the one image you do care about you click on it again and it says you can’t access it unless your logged in! You can’t access the link or source of externally hosted media without logging into their site. Not OC, but something their users curated at no cost to Pinterest.

Want to search pinterest? Sorry got to log in. It’d be like if reddit posts showed up in image search (afaik they don’t), but you had to log in to access the posts. Or if tumblr stopped people from seeing posts, or accessing them without logging in.

All of this would be okay and I’d make an account if it wasn’t for the fact that the website sucks -it’s such a confusing and annoying experience, and there are other apps and sites that do the same thing as Pinterest, better and less annoying.

I’m sure there is a simple fix to all of this (so far mine has been staying the hell away from Pinterest and just ignoring it) or I’m doing something wrong, in which I’d feel stupid but using this site should still not be such a frustrating experience


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I am very concerned to hear about your experience and want to help. I want to be very clear- we do not tolerate retaliation, and are committed to creating a workplace free of discrimination, harassment or other mistreatment. I want all our employees to feel comfortable raising concerns and know that the concerns will be taken seriously. It sounds like you have been in touch with someone from the People team and were not satisfied with your experience. I'm committed to ensuring that we have an effective and responsive HR department. I’m available for you to reach out to me directly and very much encourage you to do so. I’d like to hear from you and ensure you have support. Given your concerns, if it’s more comfortable for you, I also want to offer you our anonymous hotline: (844)704-6249. Jo, CHRO"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I've only been here for a few weeks and I agree some of the nicest, most intelligent people work at Pinterest. However, I am very concerned to hear about your experience, your fear of retaliation, and want to help. I want to be very clear- we will not tolerate retaliation, and are committed to creating a workplace free of discrimination, harassment or other mistreatment. Typically I'd encourage you to discuss your experience with a manager. It doesn't sound like that's something you feel comfortable doing, but we have alternatives, including our anonymous hotline (844-704-6249); or, a member of my team or I would be very keen to meet with you. Longer term, with a personal and deeply held belief in the power of great people management, I am very committed to ensure we continue to develop and strengthen our community of people leaders. Jo, CHRO"


"After working at Pinterest for several years, I’ve stopped drinking the Kool Aid and realize how inauthentic and poorly managed this company is. - Ben is defensive, dances around questions at Q&A like a skilled politician, and isn’t running the company by the values he passionately professes. - The recent hiring of Francoise Brougher as COO shows that management either didn’t do their homework or did and doesn’t care. Francoise was despised at Square and caused many people to leave under her leadership. If they didn’t know this, then they weren’t thorough. If they did know (more likely), they hired someone that doesn’t live by their values and are preparing to make cutthroat decisions moving forward. - Constant reorganizations and random promotions for positions that are never posted. What on earth does a “Head of Culture” do...? Especially at a company whose culture has become toxic and detrimental. - Majority old, white, male leadership from Google. Every time we get an email for a new management hire, 9 times out of 10 it’s a middle aged white guy from Google who worked with the other middle aged white guys at Google. Doesn’t bode well for new ideas and ways of doing things... - Strong sexist and racist undertones in many meetings. Many meetings are boys clubs and the only people allowed to have strong, passionate opinions are white men. - The product and engineering teams don’t talk to each other and basically work against each other’s interest. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the organic and ads teams don’t work together towards better user experiences. It’s absurd the amount of resources each side has that could help the other, but they just don’t collaborate. The Ads team doesn’t take signals from the organic and vise versa. - Depressingly underfunded and unsupported ops and support teams. Tech companies always ignore this crew and it eventually bites them in the butt. The size of this team to begin with is shockingly small. They have almost no dedicated engineering support, and what they do have is spread too thin and poorly prioritized. The team receives hardly any recognition for the hard work they do. Employees are vicious to this team when even the smallest things go wrong. If Pinterest doesn’t put serious thought into helping this team out soon, it’s going to be in a tough spot legally and brand-wise. - Missed revenue goals. Pinterest has missed its revenue goals for the past 3 years because the team can’t focus at all and just keeps building random useless ad products that are eventually deprecated. Advertisers ask for basic things and those requests are ignored to make way for PMs to push their passion projects on other teams. - Keep building crappy ads products without focusing on improving the basics and fixing what’s already broken. Basic infrastructure is fractured, but no, let’s work on Buyable Pins! We can’t give users better reporting structures, but wait! Let’s make our own version of a QR code! It’s pretty silly that for an entire year the focus was “Make the Basics Great”... and the basics still suck."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"Thanks for providing this feedback. We take concerns like this seriously and are interested in learning more about your concerns. Our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive organization is integral to our business. Bringing in people with different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives helps us fulfill our mission and strengthens our company. People do their best work when they know they are valued and respected at the office, so we strive to make our work environment a place that reflects that. Please reach out to our team at so we can follow up with you to discuss this in further details and address immediately"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Meetings at the C level tend to be the worst, they have leaders with no experience and have grown way too quickly."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The culture of the company is sick and disgusting. There must be reasons for people to leave the company like a flock. Unfortunately, instead of self-reflection, the company commented former employees as `better off without them`. It was a waste of my life working there; no gain but pain no matter financial, career, or social wise."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pinterest my have “honestly” confused itself with El Dorado, the City of Gold - where it’s said, a person can quickly and easily obtain wealth. And might be lead by those with a singular focus for chasing the mythical Unicorn. Managers seem to be choose based on the zeal forthis mission. As the search for El Dorado intensifies, zealous leaders sacrifice IC’s while ratcheting up hiring in a fervor to trap the Unicorn and maintain their personal stake in the treasure-hunt. Which has resulted in many IC’s leaving; experienced IC’s will choose not to work for crazy."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- No ownership/ accountability - No career track/ sponsorship - Well below market comp"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't expect job security even though they will be the Discovery trendsetters in the Silicon Valley. Management could be better, specially middle management, there's no work life balance in SFfree foodlong hours"

Kitchen Utility Worker (Current Employee) says

"It was a fair and cool work place. A friendly environment to be in and nice people to work with. It's like being at a little city inside of San Francisco. It was great and i had a good time working there."

Lobby Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Pinterest was a very cultural diverse job with many different faces that came with nothing but positive energy. I would say the best part about working for Pinterest was being able to experience how the CEO cared for his workers as if they didn’t work for him, and the amazing overtime they gave us."

Kraken says

"Nothing but frustration."

Jeri says

"Purchased item. It is not as described. Contacted seller three times, got no response. Tried to report this to Pinterest, and no way can I find where to report it."

task42 says

"Pinterest is shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Login does not work. Presentation of content sucks. Navigation sucks. Searching content sucks. Pinterest is shit, shit, shit."

steve says

"when i first signed up[ i could save things in an organized fashion. your new layout has lost all of my saved files and is without doubt the most confusing, poorly designed website out there. I am SO frustrated i cant even believe you\'re still in business. Such a wealth of information...just THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER BEING ON THIS F**CKED SITE. CANT WAIT TO READ THAT IT CRASHES AND BURNS"

Joe says

"Pinterest is absolute trash. Every single time i go on Google to search an image, there are like 5000 off topic images from Pinterest. Its absolute trash and I don\'t understand why anyone would EVER use this trash seriously. "

Chainlink700rt says

"Pinterest, clogs my search results. I use the duck duck go, AND NOT GOOGLE!!!!! .... on every search, Pinterest is there. It’s annoying, and I am tempted to take the site down completely. Pinterest Is as bad as google, and I am waiting for that perfect legal way to block Pinterest completely. May I also sucks as well "

Watercliffs says

"I'm tired of logins, passwords etc... deleted account."

Mr Ronald Jones says

"Its just a fun site like a diary. I have been blocked for no reason given. Like most America sites they should not really run a site like this. Most likely another American freedom of speech scam. It was fun but I wont miss it."

fuomag gamouf (fuomag9) says

"Most useless website ever, spams with useless seo indexes that yield no information"

tseretnip says

"One star for Google who lists in the search result.
Zero star for pinterest for asking all the time to login."

Jenny says

"I have tried several times to unsubscribe from Pinterest because of the amount of mail they send me, don’t try it as I am now bombarded with emails, as soon as I delete one another comes in. Help"

Kevin Olds says

"I ordered a number of products from your listed vendors. I haven't received them yet, no tracking # and one of them UTechMD gives an address in Arizona that's a empty private home according to Zillow and not a place of business. Never again will I order from your vendors. The BBB and the FTC is next on my go to list."

Yaseen L Meridja says

"Pinterest is a real fine mess. After years of curating my boards and pins I woke up one day and found my profile emptied of all the pins and boards I have collected over many years, even the followings are gone. Thanks Pinterest.


Travelholic Jaz says

"Disappointed after they suspended my account after 3 years.
I had alot things but none of them was violating the community guidelines.
A painting? Considered as violating the guidelines appeared as a crappy thing.
Tattoo designs. Fashion blogs etc etc were there on my account boards and pins.

Such a ridicule and then dont even bother to reply on the emails sent on the support email.

Seriously guys u dont deserve this 1 start also NOW."

Cara Baker says

"AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. They don't answer specific questions or even bother to look at your account. Just give generic answers and then close your ticket saying resolved."

Beth Frensley says

"I was banned from Pinterest in 2017 for having a Trump Board. They said it was hate speech. They took all my pictures of my family in a private section. I feel that people need to be aware of their tactics."

Ramey H says

"Pinterest, like many other social media sites, believes that they should be able to dictate what you think and feel. If you don’t believe in their philosophy, such as liberal beliefs, then you will be deleted or suspended. I’ve seen people threaten people, I’ve seen them give other addresses (doxing)...Pinterest does nothing. But have a Abortion ban pin and you get suspended. Is this what we are going to allow companies to do? I’m disgusted and wish I could give a zero star."

Nguyen’s 你是怎樣Sion 這樣也很 says

"Pinterest Have Worst Review"

Kamu Smafu says

"One of the worst website I'v ever seen.
Completly sh#t and dangerous. Their whole database should be deleted."

Dean says

"A racist company _ denying people base on race ! I know lot of people fell same way and people need to get together and file class action to make a stop to these clowns."

Johan Watson says

"Pinterest has Absolutely no support, I tried now for nearly 2 years to get my email address to be changed to lock into my Pinterest. But it seems that the one person who got my mail and replied after 4 months is too stupid. Pinterest is the worst social media site when it comes to supporting!!!
I hope they see this mail and respond back. My username is officestocksa"

Ethan Tucker says


I recently purchased this plugin called Pinterest for Woocommerce by thinking that it's official plugin helping you pin your products when you publish them.

I installed it and it started running. Next day I received an email from Pinterest that they blocked my website because of spamming.

I sent them 3 emails explanining I had no intentions of spamming, I thought this was an official plugin to use. They never listened, always sent me a very short respinse like "we decided not to unblock your site".

Final response made me hate them. Someone called Alex from their Help Center responded my very long and kind email with a short and very direct message that this is a spam and he added "We won't be unblocking this site". It is LEGIT website you bunch of rude people. You lost a customer who was ready to pay for paid pinterest ads on a regular basis.

You have many affiliate websites who do not sell on their website but promote their products by pinning. Why are you letting them to use your site then!!! WHY IS THIS DOUBLE STANDART!!! I will never use Pinterest!

UPDATE (Dec 4th, 2020)!!!
They got even worst! I basically sent them an email explaning that it was the plugin not me. They didn't even read my emails and got back to me with very direct repsonse "Your website is not getting unblocked" that's it. Didn't even explain or make an effort to understand my point. I wanted to use their paid ads, I hope they will share the same fate as Tumblr and people will start using other alternatives! Horrible customer service, nobody listens to you. All they do is sending automated responses!"

Brian says

"Pinterest have gained access to my Android phone home screen without my permission where they show youtube videos I don’t want and didn’t ask for. They interfere with my use of my phone. I don’t have the app and I’ve terminated my account - it’s still happening. How is this a strategy to promote their service? Weird."

Ecom dude says

"Suspended account for no reason and unreasonably long time for support to respond back. They should really look into customer satisfaction."

Boris Yelchin says

"Not User friendly,"

nolan says

"Getting pins for everything in google is getting annoying but for getting recipes and similar its kind of ok, Lots of spam and scams on there and noone seems to ban scammers."

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